Every Tuesday from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., I meet with a group of people interested in speaking French at the John Germany library in downtown Tampa, Florida. Although there is a core group of participants, new participants regularly show up and are welcomed. Each of the participants has a different level of fluency in French, and all are embraced. The conversations run the gamut from politics, culture, travel, and the gossip of the day! The only limit on the conversation is that it be in French! From time to time, the group meets for French movies, potluck parties and French cultural activities outside of the library. For questions and information: Email Andre


The Avatar Course is a nine-day self-development program founded by Harry Palmer and aimed at creating a happier, more fulfilled life and a better world. For more information:

LIGHTEN UP! Free Yourself From Clutter

This is both the name of a book and a service founded by my wife, Michelle Passoff. Now, we work together with clients in their homes and offices to support them in freeing themselves from ‘too much stuff’ so that they can have more not less of what they want in life. It is a journey through the mundane to sublime! And, it is fun! Read more: