Art is one of those words that covers everything and nothing! It can related to society expressions, money, investment,  emotions, even to therapy and every one of those has it merits and values.

After creating sculptures for over 20 years, I came to the conclusion that for me, creating Art is a way to give access to others to their own feelings and emotions and if they so choose, address them in a responsible way to have access to a life worth living, freed from all the impeding baggage that our culture, whether Judeo Christian, or native American or Asian or Muslim imposes on us, passing down from generation to generation.

In 1993, I was living and working in Taos, NM in an adobe building along the main drag and like most artists without agent or gallery to exhibit their wares, I had my pieces all over the front of the building, on the window sills and along the wall on the ground for the people driving on the road to have a pick at them and if they so chose, to stop and even buy one.

One day a couple stopped by claiming that they wanted to speak with me but were in a rush. So! we agreed to meet the next morning across the road in a breakfast place. We were not yet seated in the booth that their first remark was: “You must be aware that you have repeated features in all your pieces” I was so shocked by that observation, which was totally foreign to me, that I stood up from the bench, left some money on the table for the coffees which were already there and ran accross the street to get back to the studio and look for myself!

And there it was! After sorting approx 30 pieces, I was able to have 5 groups of pieces. In each group, all pieces different one from the other but all had an identical feel about them! Each group of pieces had its own field of human confusion! Anger, sulking, wondering, deceiving… When I got that I was repeating myself time and again, I closed the studio and did not work at clay for over 2 years until the compulsion was strong enough for me to be with the reality that I wanted to communicate something to others and if that was my limitation, I could, and keep at it and work on myself to move on past my reenactment of early life. Since then, my approach to art has been peaceful and has enriched my mental and spiritual life.